High School Counselor

Janeen Heller
405-485-3392, Ext. 200

Blanchard High School Counseling program provides several services for our students. The counseling department helps with academic advisement especially with regard to meeting graduation requirements. Information concerning post-secondary choices and careers is provided. Additionally, the BHS counseling staff is here to help students deal with social and personal issues and challenges.

Concurrent Enrollment

Seniors who meet a college's admissions requirements can take up to six college hours a semester paid for by the State Regents. To take a college course concurrently students must:

  1. Fill out college application for admissions as well as the concurrent enrollment form which must be approved by high school principal.
  2. Send college a release for grades to be mailed to Blanchard High School.
  3. Understand these grades are for high school and college credit and WILL affect the high school overall Grade Point Average.
  4. Understand some of the courses are online courses, but many are courses that must be worked out with your high school schedule and will require the student to go to that college. 

Components of College & Career Readiness

Grades, scores on college entrance tests, successful completion of required core curriculum, and a student's personal characteristics are all important components of a successful transition from high school to college &/or career training.

Grades: Most colleges set a 3.0 baseline for admission. OU and USAO require in addition to the 3.0 a student rank of at least the upper quarter of the class &/or an ACT of a 24. OSU requires a 3.0 and a rank of at least the upper third of a class &/or an ACT of a 24. Oklahoma’s 4 year universities generally will accept admissions of a student with a 2.7 GPA and a rank of the upper half &/or an ACT of a 20. Colleges and universities post all entrance requirements as well as scholarship information and deadlines on their websites.

College Entrance Tests: Both colleges and career-tech centers generally require that students achieve a specified minimum score on college entrance tests for admission. The two national college entrance tests students can choose from to meet this requirement are the ACT and the SAT.
Register to take the ACT.
Register to take the SAT.

Required Core Curriculum: In Oklahoma, the Core curriculum required by colleges and universities for admission is the same as the requirement for students to graduate from high school and to meet the requirements of the Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship Program. To access the required core curriculum, click on the link below:  
Oklahoma College/Prep/Work Ready Curriculum.

Student Character: Most college and community scholarship committees require students to reflect on their leadership, service, community involvement and personal experiences in order to be considered for scholarships. Career-Tech centers have limited openings in their training programs and also take these factors into consideration in selecting students.

Identifying Career Options

Identify your interests and find corresponding careers:

Research careers in the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Fastest Growing Occupations to 2020
Most New Jobs
Highest Paying Occupations
Overview of Occupational Projections to 2020

Increase Student Preparation

Practice for the ACT & SAT College Entrance Tests:
The Pioneer Library System makes a great tool available to students free of charge called 'Brain Fuse'. Students simply visit the Library website (link below), click the link for 'Online Tutoring 2-10 daily' under the 'Research' tab in the drop down menu on the right side of the page and enter their 16-digit library card number to access Brain Fuse. Students must create an account. ACT and SAT practice is available under the 'Test Center' link in the 'Study' tab on the Brain Fuse site.   Library Web Page: Click 'Online Tutoring 2-10 daily'

Taking Advanced Placement classes? Consider registering for SAT Subject Tests!
Many Ivy League and private universities are now requiring SAT Subject Tests to supplement traditional ACT & SAT scores. Students in Advanced Placement courses who plan to take the AP test should also consider registering for the SAT Subject Test. It may be required later as part of the admissions process. If students have a dream school in mind, they should research that school's admission requirements well ahead of time to see what subject tests may be required.   SAT Subject Tests

Career Training

Not sure where to start? Try College Search Step-by-Step, a free tool provided by The College Board:
College Search Step-by-Step

Match Oklahoma Colleges with student by major or other preferences:

Expand your research using the College Finder or College Matching Wizard provided by the U.S. Department of Federal Student Aid:
Find the Right Colleges for You

Oklahoma Career Tech provides a path to industry certification in a variety of career fields:
Mid-America Technology Center
Moore-Norman Technology Center


Earn College Credit in High School

Advanced Placement Courses
Blanchard High School has several Advanced Placement Course offerings. Students can earn college credit while they are in high school for earning qualifying scores on the AP exam at the end of an Advanced Placement course.
Advanced Placement Program: OU
AP/CLEP Information: OSU

Concurrent Enrollment:
The Oklahoma State Regents will pay the tuition for up to 6 credit hours for senior students who meet the requirements for admission to college during their SENIOR year. Students are responsible for covering the cost of books and fees. For more information, students should visit with their counselor. For information about concurrent enrollment at local colleges and universities visit the links below:
OU Concurrent Enrollment Information
OCCC Concurrent Enrollment Information

Paying for College and Career Training

Every student should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid before March 1st of the senior year!  Colleges use information reported on the FAFSA to help determine how scholarships are awarded, and as part of an accountability piece pertaining to how funds are distributed.  

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an important step for students on the path to college. Completing the FAFSA is essential for obtaining federal and some state financial aid, including grants, scholarships, work-study programs and federal student loans. This interactive resource is designed to help students and parents understand the application process.

FAFSA Completion Tool

Search Scholarships at the State & National Level:
Local and National Scholarships
Oklahoma College Start

Search Scholarships in the OKC Metro Area:
Oklahoma City Community Foundation 

Hoping to Earn an Athletic Scholarship?
 Student athletes must register with the NCAA and/or the NAIA to be considered by college recruiters. Both clearinghouses require registration fees. Neither clearinghouse will accept copies of the ACT or SAT scores from the student or the high school. Students must put in the following codes in the college choice section when registering for the ACT/SAT in order for scores to be sent directly to the NCAA/NAIA.
*NCAA 9999
*NAIA 9876

Student athletes who register with the NCAA or NAIA should inform their counselor to ensure that the student is enrolled in courses that meet NCAA and/or NAIA requirements. To register, visit the links below:
NCAA Eligibility Center

Earn College Credit by Exam:
Advanced Placement Program: OU
AP/CLEP Information: OSU

Reserve Officer Training Programs:
ROTC Programs- Today's Military


ACT Information

Blanchard High School Code

(gather info & register for ACT online)

(home of the ACT prep workshop

Chad Cargill ACT Prep Workshop
Thursday, November 9, 2018,
8:30-Noon, HS Library

ACT Test Dates

Students will be required to upload a current photo during the ACT registration process!

September 8, 2018
Register by August 12

October 27, 2018*
    Register by September 28

December 8, 2018*
    Register by November 2

February 9, 2019*
    Register by January 11

April 13, 2019*
    Register by March 8

June 8, 2019
Register by May 3

July 13, 2019
    Register by June 14

*Blanchard is a test site for these dates.

SAT Info & Test Dates

(gather info & register for SAT online)

August 25, 2018
Register by July 27

October 6, 2018
    Register by September 7

November 3, 2018
    Register by October 5

December 1, 2018
    Register by November 2

March 9, 2019
     Register by February 8

May 4, 2019
    Register by April 5

June 1, 2019
Register by May 3

PSAT Test will be:
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tuesday, November 8, 2018

Senior Financial Aid Night
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
6-7 PM
High School Library


College Prep and Info

 (college info and tips)

 (finding money to pay for college)

(planning for college)

(This is the awesome new site that organizes, links and helps students applying in the state of Oklahoma! Your plan for college starts here.)

 (college information and tips)

 (info on career fields & how to reach goals)

 (BEST SITE for OK college searches)

 (info on careers, resume writing, job interview tips)

 (gives info about professors at many colleges and universities--this will help you choose whose class to enroll in)

(This is the incredible new site that helps students plan for attending out of state colleges!)

Test Prep
(FREE sites to help students prepare for college entrance exams and more)




Volunteer Opportunities

This is a great site to locate volunteer oppotunities in our area! Just type in our zip code -73010- or the zip code of the community you want to search for and a list will be generated.

Federal Student Aid


College Sports Info

Information on competing in sports at the collegiate level (Division I and Division II)

Clearinghouse registration site for student athletes